Scott Tambisari, with the Hon. Samuela 'Akilisi Pohiva - Prime Minister of Tonga and Sione Lata

Not really Elvis, but our Community Development Officer – Scott Tambisari has left the building….and moved down the road.

When we set up NTPCT in 2015, Scott was the the second employee ever.  He came from a business background and this role was his first foray into community work.  This was before we had offices so our meetings were at the Richmond Library or at a coffee shop and we worked from home.   One of Scott’s first jobs was to organise the Education Fono in November 2016.  It was a roaring success with community and educators participating, sharing and learning from each other.  It was also a reality check for Scott in engaging with the community and the ever changing parameters that represent real community issues.

The Needs Analysis (working out who we are, what are our needs and how do we go about finding solutions) was another of Scott’s major projects.  Not long into the project Scott realised that quality data is scarce in a minority population like ours so his job was part statistician, part analyst and part detective.   When Census 2018 came around he was passionate in making sure our people were counted.

In the time Scott has been with us he has made real impact into determining the direction of the trust and defining the issues of the community.  We know that he goes to the Nelson City Council with a clear understanding of our needs and we know that he leaves the building but not the community.  Good luck Scott.