The Programme: All sessions are held at Nelson Central School.  Start time is 6pm and finish is 8pm.  A meal will be provided.  The programme is free of charge but registration and a commitment to attend most sessions is required.

Session One:  Thursday 14th March: Introductions, Overview of the Powerplus Programme, Meet the PowerPlus Team

Session Two:  Thursday 4th April: Learn how to communicate and engage with your schools and teachers.  Learn how to read a school report.

Session Three:  Thursday 9th May: Discover how we all learn differently, compare your learning style with your children. Learn tools to support your child's unique learning style.

Session Four:  Thursday 6th June: NCEA - What is it? How does my child pass NCEA? What can I do to help?

Session Five: Thursday 25th July:  Careers, how can you support your child to choose a career path? how soon do you need to start choosing?

Session Six: Thursday 15th August: What careers are there out there? Is University the only option? Speak with local providers about trades and apprenticeships.

Session Seven: Thursday 19th September: The Identity Dance.  Support your family to manage cultures, values and personal identity across a multicultural environment.

Session Eight: Thursday 24th October:  Mental Health: Learn how to look after you children’s wellbeing and mental health. Talanoa about the concept of failure and how to cope under pressure.

Session Nine: Thursday 21 November:  Goal Setting: Turn reality into dreams, how to support your child to look past their limitations and be motivated to be the very best they can be.

Session Nine: Thursday 5th December: Money.  How do you find the money to support your childs education.

Session Ten: Saturday 14th December: YOU MADE IT - CELEBRATE