The Nelson Tasman Pasifika Community Trust is a registered charity. Our funding streams are donations, grants, contracts and membership fees. The need for community support is always greater than our resources so we are grateful for any kind of support that comes our way.

Ways you can help:

Donations – payroll giving is the best and most effective way of donating to our organisation. You can get your payclerk to take a fixed amount out of your pay each round and it automatically gets donated to our organisation. You also get the immediate benefit of a 33% rebate – so for every 10 dollars that you donate – you receive $3.33 in tax rebates. Check out the IRD website for more information.

Sponsorship – we are always looking for innovative win-win situations. If you have a way that we can work together either on a projects or towards a shared outcome, please come and talk with us to find a way to help each other.

Volunteering – we will never say no to extra help! Administration, event management, community support … the list is long. Volunteers are always welcome. Come and talk to us.