Faamalosi Aiga Project

The Faamalosi Aiga Project or the Malohi Kainga Programme is a collaboration between ourselves, the Samoan and Tongan communities and Kidpower Fullpower Teenpower Trust. Developed with the community in the most culturally appropriate way and delivered by volunteer Fiako, the Faamalosi Aiga project not only teaches children safety, it makes parents and families think about what safety for our children means. At the end of the programme children and youth take away valuable skills in how to assess a situation for risk and the best course of action to take.

The Malohi Kainga Faiako

Mid-2018 the Faamalosi Aiga project was independently evaluated by Dr Lanuola Asiasiga from the SHORE & Whariki Research Centre. The research has found that programme "presents evidence that Faamalosi mo Aiga and Malohi Kainga are projects that are working with their communities to make a difference. Both projects show what can be done over time and the spin offs into other areas. There are still outcomes to be achieved but again those will take time to achieve.  Faamalosi mo Aiga and Malohi Kainga are:

- Discussing and building knowledge on their own cultural beliefs and values in relation to different cultures’ beliefs and values
- Engaging their communities in learning about how to keep children safe
- Giving children the knowledge and skills on how to stay safe
- Helping their communities to recognise unsafe situations
- Starting to change cultural norms
- Encouraging children to speak out
- Supporting adults to listen to children

Click to download a copy of the  Evaluation of the Faamalosi Aiga Project July 2018

Whanau Ora Services

Whanua Ora is a holistic response to the issues that our most vulnerable families take. The service takes into account health, education, finances and social connections when developing a support plan. We focus on working with families to develop and implement the best course of action for long term change. If you are interested in accessing our Whanau Ora services please contact us.